As a child I grew up with creative bones in my body. I always enjoyed painting, writing, designing or participate in any other art project. Eight years ago I decided to take on a photography course, since it was something I was always interested in. After the course I kept on pursuing this hobby – taking pictures at every event or when my friends wanted to be models for a day. Eventually I received a lot of queries for shoots and decided to start a Facebook page in 2011 to showcase my images. Now it’s six years later – and here we are!

Over the years my photography methods and style grew into something I can be proud of. I love taking pictures in natural light – it just brings a softer tone to the images.

I am a wedding and portrait photographer, mainly based in Bethlehem in the Eastern Free State. I exclusively photograph only a small amount of weddings a year. I do not see photography as my job, since I do it because I want to and not because I need to.